Hola! names Rokz

I'm Peruvian, 23 & a mermaid

I'm a Klusterfuk

Mainly listen to metal, DnB & underground rap

FCK H8!! 웃웃 ♥ 웃유 ♥ 유유 ♥ if u dont like that FuckOffMyPage :D

i =

Movies, Bonfires, Piercings, Fast Cars, HELLO KITTY ♥ Tattoos, Guitars, Animals, Lava lamps, Swimmin

Dancin, Web Designin, Drinkin, Raging, Lightin up!, Converse, Glow In The Dark stuff xD COOKIN! the colors Black & Purple, Puddin, Mac & cheese & I loveeee my friends & fam :D

i Respect You, Your Choices & Your Beliefs. I Dont Judge you on Your actions Your skin Color or Your Past ..PLEASE DO THE SAME FOR ME!

If I left any details out & ud like to know more bout me just ask :)





this is me in feline form lol
#catmeme #catsofig #random #lolcat

this is me in feline form lol
#catmeme #catsofig #random #lolcat

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